Access Requires Login Muzzle Loader Bull I was cold and soaked to the bone and I was shaking miserably; and I half remember wondering if the big bull could hear my teeth chattering as I cautiously slipped around the aspen tree and slowly set up the Sony camcorder, finally got it pointing and recording in the right vicinity, and then set up on my shooting sticks and finally took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger on my TC Encore X 50 black powder pistol. I had aligned the factory iron sights on the only shot I had: Have to wait for the teeth For this hunt I used my recently customized Ruger Bisley in 45 Colt. The gun has a 6 inch barrel and I was able to install a Freedom Arms red fiber optic front sight and along with an excellent trigger job by the Pistol Parlor it was almost easy to use the iron sights and make the shot. This big, wooley “San Diego” blood line boar was slowly making his way through the forest and I was able to rest my gun as he kept getting closer. In years past I would have There are more than three hundred photos consolidated from the bragging board showing many of the members guns and the trophies they have taken with their Freedom Arms revolvers.

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Josh Burdick, who made the video, was a photography fanatic, who saved up for his very first DIGITAL CAMCORDER () in , used it a year later to capture peak-teendom. The video gloriously opens with Madonna’s “Vogue” playing on his radio alarm one random April morning, as he then goes on to prepare himself some microwaveable breakfast sandwiches.

You will have to alter at least one of those points. Except, when there was no motion. On a computer screen interlaced recordings are annoying to watch because the lines are really disturbing. Especially in scenes where there’s movement from left to right right to left you see the interlacing, like in this example: The text at the bottom scrolls from right to left and thus leaves you with mice teeth because this frame consists of 2 snapshots of time, as described above.

Mice teeth because of an up-down movement. This is a scene from the music clip “Anywhere” from the performer There aren’t any motion interlace lines there, but this is a frame where there was a short flash, thus there’s a difference from one field to the other. To make things even more complicated, some digital camcorders have something you could call “color interlacing”. While this term maybe somewhat inaccurate to describe the source of the artefacts, it is quite descriptive for the end result.

But even after deinterlacing some red and some green pixels stay where the last field was. Here is another example after deinterlacing: Some camcorders mix different colors into different fields, or use CCDs that react slower, so that you get this strange color patterns sometimes.

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A post shared by kristen bell kristenanniebell on Apr 26, at 2: When they stopped at a gas station, she switched out the iPods and put on her show tunes, and “he was not happy,” Bell said. Basically, Shepard doesn’t like wearing one if the state law doesn’t dictate he must. So he agreed to wear one on the highway but then purposely took surface streets, then it started raining, she got so mad she refused to even hold onto him and gripped the back of the bike instead By the time they got to Bell’s mother’s house, the first time Shepard was meeting her, they were on the verge of breaking up.

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We love you all, and we look forward to meeting you in the near future!! Click here to add your own text and edit me. Thanks to Jacob at Iconvert for making my 10th anniversary very special. I gave him over pictures from my wife and my life from dating up to our wedding then pics from then to now on a flash drive, a list of songs and a mini dv of our wedding that we hadn’t been able to view since we got married 10 years ago.

Jacob put it all together with music seamlessly going form slide show to video back to slide show. What a special gift not only to her but to me. Now we have our favorite memories from day one all on one dvd. Thanks again Jacob” 01 02 “Thank you Jake for the wonderful job you did with our tapes. As you know, our son passed away in and these movies mean so much to the family. Your attention to detail and your kind spirit was more than I could have asked.

Sony HDR-CX110E High Definition Flash Media, AVC Camcorder

We try to keep up to date with all the latest news in the world of UAVs. This is a fast moving business and we do our best to make sure the articles are continuously updated to stay relevant. DroneGuru also features drone reviews where the reader also gets a chance to rate and review. We also try to decide the best commercial drones, the best camera drones, and the best beginner drones for

Apr 02,  · The Magaliesberg Mountains have some of the oldest exposed surfaces on the planet. The rock is an ancient solid Quartz Sandstone providing an abundance of excellent rock climbing routes.

View All What is the Nokia 3? The slightly rounded corners and sides make the device easy to grip, and in typical Nokia fashion, the phone feels like it could survive being run over by a tank. The capacitive buttons below the display lack any form of backlight, which makes the device difficult to use in the dark.

In general, it feels like HMD has adopted the Nokia look but without making any improvements to it. Best budget phones The Nokia 3 is small and can be comfortably used in one hand. It feels lighter than those phones, though, which is likely a result of the plentiful use of plastic in the construction. Nokia 3 — Screen The display on the Nokia 3 is a 5-inch panel, with a p resolution and a Gorilla Glass coating. The problem is the way it reproduces colours. To get a sense of this you need only open the app drawer, where the lack of colour is present in the icons.

Open the Play Store and the green surround is completely off. Look past the colour issues, and there are some more positive aspects of the display. Nokia 3 — Performance Performance makes or breaks a budget phone, and with the Nokia 3 it just about breaks it.

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Follow Apple are very proud of the camera technology at the heart of their iPhone 6. In typically bullish prose, the company’s website proclaims that “the camera that changed photos now does the same for video”. Continuous autofocus provides constant focus as you capture your footage. What if you’re looking for something a little more rough around the edges, perhaps with the grubby, grainy, snow-flecked qualities of a cumbersome mid-Eighties VHS home-movie camera?

With a real-time effect preview, you can degrade the picture at precisely the right moment by dragging your finger around the screen or by shaking your device”. Authentically obtrusive date and time stamps can even be set to the month and year of your choice, while a “phony zoom lens feature dramatically enhances the cheese factor”.

#MeToo in India: Journalist Vinod Dua named in harassment allegation dating back 29 years

Some of the things in question date back more than 2 years, but if you’re in the business of saving lives you’ll never forget this one. Also, just as an FYI. Some dogs were left for over 18 months in boarding by Eldad who didn’t even look back or try to help these dogs. Other rescues had to step up and re-rescue the dogs left behind minus the donation money.

He basically took the money and ran. There are court records that prove Eldad abandoned those dogs at boarding without payment.

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Digital still cameras and smartphones are both decent for capturing basic videos that are easily shareable on social media, but for high-quality videos that you can save, edit, and share with friends and family, it may be worth your while to invest in a camcorder. These compact personal video cameras have been a popular choice with amateur videographers of all types for years, offering video specific features that you just can’t find in a still camera or video app.

Before you start shopping for a camcorder, it’s important to consider how you want to use it. Camcorders come at all price points, but different models are suited for different activities; for instance, visual features will be more important if you plan to shoot things like sporting events, while audio qualities will be your primary concern if you plan to record concerts. Today’s camcorders are more compact, and more powerful, than ever before.

They come with clear zoom capabilities, GPS identification, or geotagging, and many other features. Some even allow you to shoot in 3D or ultra high-definition 4K resolution, and may even have a built in projector so you can share your video with an audience immediately. Many models are very small, even small enough to mount on a helmet or jacket, and have rugged casings available so you can take them with you on extreme adventures.

Some camcorders will allow you to immediately upload your video to YouTube or Facebook, while others make it easy to email a digital file or download onto a disc. The vast majority of camcorders use memory cards for storage, but some include an internal memory chip; depending on how much you plan to shoot, you may need to supplement internal memory with an additional card. You will also want to be sure to transfer any videos to your computer or an external hard drive, so you don’t lose it and can free up memory for future videos.

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I’ll try shooting in a lower quality format and see if that works. Interlacing is a very crude form of lossy compression dating back to the days of the first black and white TVs, we have no place for it in With 50P there is a real feeling of looking through a window, plus progressive compresses better than interlaced and is also recorded at a higher bit rate so less even compression artefacts. Editing produces better results as well. Play back on computer monitors looks significantly better due to computer monitors being progressive displays and we often sat very much closer.

When we all have large 4K super high definition displays, that 50P footage is going to look a lot better than 50i and you can’t go back and re-record.

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Imatest also measures noise, which can make an image look grainy and detract from detail. At ISO , the lowest sensitivity to light the camera can manage, noise isn’t an issue at all. But it increases along with the ISO and hits our 1. At the two top settings, ISO and , noise hits 2 percent. But a simple score isn’t a perfect indicator of high-ISO performance. A close look at images from our ISO test sequence included in the slideshow that accompanies this review shows that detail is quite strong through ISO Details are seriously smudged at ISO and , and beyond that photos are a blur.

I definitely see evidence of oversharpening in our ISO test sequence, and our studio test image shows a distinct lack of texture. This waxy quality has plagued other Olympus compacts, but with Raw capture, the TG-4 allows you to sidestep in-camera image processing. Shooting in Raw eliminates in-camera noise reduction, which is a good thing.