Because of these opposing narratives, Natalya will have a very hard time becoming a convincing heel on SmackDown. She has obtained a huge level of fan popularity due to her own personality and the realistic storyline that has played itself out on Total Divas and through her social media accounts. She and her husband have had to put down their beloved cat. Nowhere was this truer than during the opening episode of Total Divas. Natalya had to spent WrestleMania weekend essentially babysitting Eva Marie and Jojo, instead of wrestling on the most important show of the year. This, coupled with the gradual introduction of new characters and her being stuck in the same place on the card in WWE, have led her to become a realistic and believable underdog that people want to see succeed. This was proven earlier this year when Natalya had a brief mini-feud with Nikki Bella. This feud was, naturally, centered on Total Divas storylines, and the idea that Nikki achieved so much success because of her relationship with John Cena.

Nude Photos Of WWE NXT Diva Leak Online

Bryan Thomas Who cares. TheJakeWaller I see shit like this on facebook and twitter every day, they arent even touching lips for crying out loud. Incidentally, that photo of her holding a budweiser… i thought she was underage to drink in america? Laurence Ah fair enough, for some reason i thought i read about her not being able to party at Wrestlemania because she was underage.

Mar 10,  · Watch video · WWE Superstars and Divas like Big Show WWE Universe Titus O Neil WWE Alicia Fox WWE Universe and more are here to answer your questions on WWE .

Aaron Solow and Bayley reportedly got engaged in That has been reported in various wrestling news outlets, but technically, neither Bayley nor Solow has ever confirmed the engagement, as in general they are quite private about their relationship. Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy are now engaged. However, Bliss says she actually thinks their relationship has been made stronger as a result. Carmella and Big Cass, of course, used to be paired together. Cass later said that he thinks it was the right move keeping her apart from Enzo and Cass.

What are you doing here? One of these days I will get a girl like this and I will be so happy. Like a lot of WWE romances, this one began when the two were placed in a storyline together. They began to see each other more often as a result of the storyline, and a romance soon began.

Where are they now? WWE ‘divas’ of the 2000s

Here are some of the highlights: When I did find out he got injured, it was minutes before a match. We had a live event at the same time as Raw was going on. I’m a professional and at the end of the day you have to keep going. The show must go on. So, I’m going to put on my mean face and walk through that curtain and carry that briefcase.

Two-time WWE Divas Champion, Paige stands at no. 5 in the list of top 10 hottest WWE divas in She is the youngest Divas champion at the age of 21 in the history of WWE. Paige became the only Diva in WWE holding both the NXT women championship and WWE Divas championship.

Unfortunately, WWE politics influences who gets to be in these games and who does not. This can lead to some of our favorite former WWE Superstars and legends not being included in the games. It also means no royalty payments delivered to the wrestler. Everyone listed in this article is in someway black-listed from appearing in a WWE video game again. For various reasons, WWE has decided they will no longer be entering into any business relationships with these wrestlers.

It is worth bringing up that WWE will do business with wrestlers who they have had a troubled past with if they feel the person can make them money. Evidently, everyone included in this article is someone Vince McMahon feels he is unable to make money from, or at least not enough of it to make working with them again worth it. Here are 15 banned wrestlers you will never see in a WWE video game ever again, enjoy. Scott Steiner via andthevalleyshook.

WWE star Kelly Kelly is single again after splitting with her husband

Here’s your motivation to get fit. December 26, 2: These Divas are some of the most beautiful and sexy ladies from across the world.

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The former Divas champ, real name Barbie Blank, has split from her ice hockey star husband. Instagram – thebarbieblank WWE legend Kelly Kelly is back on the market However, you will have to act quick to try and win the blonde bombshell’s affections as she is reportedly already back dating. US Weekly claim a source told them: They separated a couple of months ago. Instagram – thebarbieblank The former Divas champ has split from her former NHL ice hockey star husband Sheldon Souray Instagram – thebarbieblank The blonde bombshell quickly became a firm favourite with fans while in the WWE Instagram – thebarbieblank She won the WWE Divas title back in Although the ex-wrestling babe has yet to officially comment on the break-up, she has hinted on her Instagram she was single by posting a number of sexy snaps.

Kelly instantly won the hearts of the WWE Universe upon debuting in the wrestling promotion back in as a year-old. Her revealing outfits, and an unforgettable strip tease promos, made her an instant star. But it was not just her looks and moves that made her a fan favourite. Despite her success, she severed ties with WWE in and stated that she needed time off to heal a neck injury while revealing plans to become a professional model.

Instagram – thebarbieblank Kelly Kelly has hinted at her split by posting a series of sexy snaps on Instagram Instagram – thebarbieblank The year-old still remains hugely popular with the WWE Universe Instagram – thebarbieblank She quit WWE to try and become a professional model But she made a return to the company as an ambassador back earlier this year.

On the February 13 edition of Raw she was interviewed backstage and later appeared at Axxess and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony during WrestleMania week.

Omarosa Manigault revealed to be dating WWE star Titus O’Neil a

One must strange from her confidence when she was arriving as a ring announcer in front of huge crowd. Before going to current dating status check a review of her relationship history. At the start, she had dated with this guy. But, she just maintained her relationship with him for some time and then they had a split. Due to tight routines and busy schedules, he just forced her to select one among relation or profession that causes this couple to have a split.

The Divas and wrestlers are being involved constantly so sparks are bound to fly between a few of them. It usually doesn’t end in any real love, but Divas sure have played the dating field in the WWE universe.

Who is Melina Perez Dating? He is her fellow wrestler. Both of them had their first meeting session in the auditions for a Television Series. They remained together for 11 years and then they had a breakup. There were also rumors that Perez cheated John but this was not true according to Perez. She clarified to the media that she gave everything of her to save this relationship. She is Single these days and really not spending time with some guy.

She said that she had enough her emotions and sentiments with John and now she really wants to live alone. She too said that 11 years are enough to have a lesson of relationship. This is answer of question that; who is this American model and wrestler boyfriend dating.

WWE: Why Total Divas Hurt Natalya’s Wrestling Career

Online searches on the two-time Divas Champion will display numerous results asking if she has a boyfriend as well as rumors of who she may or may not have had a relationship with. It is quite common for professional wrestlers to find love within their profession, as evidenced by the countless number of couples over the years. There are even more photos of the two together, which you can check out here.

WWE fans catch rare glimpses of their favorites when the spotlight goes off and feel downright hurt if they are caught unaware by one development or another. Broken hearts and a fifteen-year age difference aside Alberto Del Rio is years-old, whereas Paige is 23 , their relationship actually seems natural when their respective backgrounds are taken into account.

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Monday, December 21, , 4: For more than 30 years, WWE divas have pulverized the sport of professional wrestling — proving that you can have flawless features and still kick some major butt. The company is still jam-packed with fierce female competitors like Paige and the Bella Twins, but they still need more time to stand toe-to-toe with the divas of the s — perhaps the most fondly remembered by WWE fans.

Here is a look at what some of the most memorable divas from that time are up to now: The bodacious Canadian blond bombshell began her career with World Wrestling Entertainment in and was often at the center of scandalous storylines. However, Stratus proved to be more than just a pretty face and emerged as a serious competitor, winning the Women’s Championship seven times during her WWE career. The year-old wife and mother has appeared on television and most recently in the movie “Gridlocked.

Lita — remembered for her crimson hair and tomboy style — joined WWE in and was one third of wrestling stable Team Xtreme, with Matt whom she dated in real life and Jeff Hardy. She was a tough and fierce competitor, winning the Women’s Championship four times during her career. Miguel Discart via Flickr Now: Following her departure from the WWE, Victoria has owned two different restaurants and started a custom car shop in Kentucky that caught fire in Remembered by WWE fans for her suggestive ring entrances, the long legged former NFL cheerleader Stacy Keibler became one of the biggest WWE divas in history, competing against many of the most well-known female wrestlers.

Keibler married businessman Jared Pobre in and gave birth to their daughter, Ava, later that year. She currently promotes healthy living on social media.

From ‘Divas’ To ‘Superstars’: WWE Embraces Women’s Sports Revolution

Cameron l and Naomi Who knew? If you are one of the WWE’s tens of millions of religious fans , perhaps you did. For the remainder of us, those more likely to think ‘The Rock’ was actually cooked up in Hollywood, let me be clear, we have a lot of WWE catching up to do. Lucky for me, I share a place with a 9 and 7-year-old who study the WWE with the intensity of molecular biologists.

This is why when my very committed kids ask plead if they can watch the E! What do you know?

Krystal: wwe superstar wrestler, largest free dating service life as a wrestler randy snapped a couple s. Jan so as seen together, wwe diva s marquee event and divas dating site for wrestling .

Edit The original Diva, if you didn’t get a boner for Alundra Blaze, that is. A long, long, long time ago, there actually used to be real female professional wrestlers in the WWE Was at the time called WWF until they tapped out to the panda. The women’s division was just as exciting as the men’s division, and people respected the female talent inside the squared circle. Then along came a chick named Sunny, also known as Tammy Lynn Sitch who made mens’ jaws drop due to her long, blond, lush hair, sparkling brown eyes, and silicone implants.

Soon Vince was seeing that a bunch of perverted rednecks where drooling over Sunny, and this gave him an idea to bring in better looking women. And though it boosted ratings by. With the Woman’s’ Belt now gone from the WWE, Vince decided not to invest 3 bucks for a new belt, but just scrap the woman’s’ division altogether and just have his contracted whores be either escorts or broadcasters.

Sunny’s popularity grew, as did newcomer Sable who, the more she showed more of her cleavage, the more fans where tuning in. Sable Edit Personally, we’d rather Rosie O’Donnel bare it all Sable was modeled as a fuck-worthy version of Dolly Parton, and soon was the 1 female whore in the world. Sable’s character was ordered to stop being a valet for her at the time husband, Marc Mero, and become a full-time in-ring prostitute.

10 WWE Divas and Superstars Currently SINGLE in Real Life