From ‘sin city’ to ‘hush city’ “I used to work at a hotel nightclub with girls, but I moved to this bar after the government’s sao huang operation,” she says. With about , sex workers in a city of just seven million people, Dongguan was once a byword for prostitution, which picked up together with the city’s manufacturing sector in the s. Many of us make an honest living. We would entertain clients at dinner, then go to a nightclub or sauna for girls after that,” says a factory manager who wanted to be known only as Mr Ma, Shortly after Chinese New Year last year, state broadcaster CCTV aired an expose on Dongguan’s sex trade, showing the flagrant parading and hawking of prostitutes. This triggered a crackdown on China’s “sin city”, with police raiding massage parlours, saunas, nightclubs and hotels. More than 3, had their operations shut or suspended, 3, suspects were nabbed and gangs busted. More than 30 city police officials, including former deputy mayor and head of the local public security bureau Yan Xiaokang, were sacked or suspended from their duties.

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I was referring to monthly allowance the company offers, and of course this is subjected to an agreement between you and the company. Rent, for instance, can be deemed as allowance as long as you provide fapiao. My income tax was not deducted since then. My salary is RMB per month. Can the company deduct now and pay the tax together? When should the tax be paid every month.

Jones – 22 July The chart is for individual monthly income tax, as should be deducted by an employer. Why would anyone assume couples would be taxed together, even if they were with the same employer? This is not an annual tax filing to the Tax Bureau. Also, seems a lot of people are confused about the Tax Deductible Allowance. There is no set list of what can be deducted, the amount and what you can deduct is determined by your employer. Company A may allow its employees to submit fapiao for rent and education to deduct the tax burden of up to a third of their gross monthly salary.

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But the New South China Mall, which opened in , stands empty with 99 per cent of its shops having remained unleased and attractions including a metre indoor and outdoor roller coaster standing idle. It was designed to attract an average of more than 70, visitors a day to the city of Dongguan, but has less than a dozen shops in its 9. The New South China Mall is the largest in the world, with space for 1, stores, but has less than 12 shops Just before it opened the mall, which is located in China’s southern Pearl River Delta, it was heralded by the New York Times as part of ‘China’s astonishing new consumer culture’.

The mall’s developer, Hu Guirong, sent a team travelling around the world for two years in search of ideas.

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It is a very new city and was created as a special economic zone. So, like Shanghai, Shenzhen is significantly more open to international investment. There are ten administrative districts in Shenzhen, but only four of them should be of any interest to you, the foreigner. Futian is kind of like Wall Street where all the banks have their headquarters and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange are located. One of the two main border crossings is there as well.

Luohu is where the main train and bus stations are located and it also has one of the main and my personal favorite border crossings. Being a foreigner is not easy, regardless of what city you decide to live in China. You will probably be very dependant on your employer for a lot of things in the beginning.

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Share Enter the Dragon: Prepare to Enter the Dragon. Who are you and why should I listen to you about working overseas by teaching English in China? My name is Agness and I originally come from Poland.

Taiwan-funded companies that have invested in Guangdong province’s city of Dongguan, a major manufacturing center in the Pearl River Delta, have maintained sustainable business growth there and.

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After landing, visitors must apply for a visa to enter mainland China. One can travel from Hong Kong to Dongguan by bus , ferry, or train. Rail services in and out of the city call at Dongguan railway station where there are direct train services to Guangzhou East railway station in Guangzhou; and Hung Hom Railway station in Hong Kong. Among the four metro lines R1-R4 planned for the Dongguan Rail Transit , R2 Line is presently under construction and was scheduled to open for operations in early This was delayed and opened in May It will also support Dongguan’s regional transportation with other cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong by joining with the rail transit junctions of the Pearl River Delta.

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Hooking Up With A Chinese Woman Not every guy reading this will want to pay for sex with Shenzhen girls, some may prefer to try to find a good woman. Like in much of Asia the girls here are relatively easy, particularly for foreign men. A few things you should know are that girls here are not going to like any physical contact too soon. It is also not common in their dating culture for a girl to go to a mans home or apartment.

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The hit to local GDP figures for Dongguan next month, in the wake of the crackdown, may give a better picture, and perhaps allow more clarity on the size of the booming sex trade across China.

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History[ edit ] The earliest archaeological remains so far unearthed in the Shenzhen area are shards from a site at Xiantouling on Dapeng Bay , dating back to BC. From the Han dynasty third century BC onwards, the area around Shenzhen was a center of the salt monopoly, thus meriting special imperial protection. Nantou historic town The settlement at Nantou was the political center of the area from early antiquity. As early as the eighth century, chronicles recorded the Nantou area as being a major commercial center, and reported that all foreign ships in the Guangzhou trade would stop there.

It was also as a naval defense center guarding the southern approaches to the Pearl River. Lu Xiufu , the then-chief minister, realized all was lost and knew the Mongolian forces would soon take over the area, he preferred suicide instead of the emperor being captured which might have brought shame to the dynasty.

Guangzhao, China – Where To Single Girls. by Singleman · Published December 28, · Updated February If they are on a dating site they are probably able to read and write it and actively looking for a foreigner to hook up with. Dongguan China’s Sin City And Biggest Red Light District.

It was a company of truly epic proportions, employing hundreds of thousands in China and abroad, and manufacturing for virtually all the big names in consumer electronics sold all over the world. If you use an IPad or any other Apple product, it would have passed through one of its gargantuan production facilities. Security was tight, discipline militaristic, living condition Spartan and working hours extremely long.

Assembly-line pay was miniscule by first world standards, but slightly above average for China. On certain auspicious days, everyone had to line up to pay their respect to the Tu Di Gong, the Chinese earth god of wealth, eliciting muffled objections from the Taiwanese Christians and mainlanders brought up as atheists by the Communist state. He was impressed by their capacity for hard work and innate intelligence.

Considering that these people were probably the first generation ever to leave the farm and were spottily educated in rural schools, it was a revelation to see how quickly they learned how the factory worked and to make hi-tech products according to complex instructions. Or, if you liked the design of the Sony but preferred the specs of the Phillips mei wenti! They could assemble one for you. Everyone was ambitious, inured to working conditions that were unthinkable in developed countries, and had no respect whatsoever for intellectual property.

The officials expected kickbacks, and practically anything was permissible for the right price. This book is a fascinating, occasionally voyeuristic, study of the lives of the assembly-line workers who fueled this rise, specifically a couple of factory girls in Dongguan, another industrial town not far from Shenzhen. Chang, a second-generation Chinese American, followed each of her subjects for years, chronicling their working and private lives, collecting information about their family history and even gaining access to their diaries.

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