Figures shown are guidelines only, not absolute service limits. Low compression pressure can indicate one or more of following: Start engine and allow to warm up, then shut engine off. See page 3. Remove all spark plugs. Install compression gauge hose attachment into plug hole, then connect compression gauge hose to gauge hose attachment and compression gauge.

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Pictures and an inventory are available on the Internet at http: Interior bulkheads glassed to hull. Headliner finished, cabin sole carpet. Sloop rig, Proctor aluminum spar and boom, 1 x 19 SS wire rope with swaged fittings. Harken Roller Furling on head stay.

The cover for an outboard motor (O/B) will typically not fit a boat with a sterndrive (I/O) engine. Depending on the style of your boat, you will likely be given an option to select a cover made for either an outboard motor (O/B) or for a sterndrive (I/O) engine.

Please explain EPA restrictions on engine modifications, or gearcase changes. EPA regulations prohibit changes to engines that could affect emissions limits. Using a product often referred to as a stabilizer fin is a modification of the gearcase that may change the manner in which the boat operates on the water. With the unit trimmed fully down in or under , a reduction of the time necessary to get a boat on plane may result. However, some V-bottom boats using a stabilizer fin may exhibit a tendency to roll over far to one side as soon as planning occurs.

The direction and degree of the roll will be dictated by prop rotation, weight distribution, and degree of trim under.

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But it doesn’t stop there because we are also the online boating shoppers 1 choice to find Mercury Mercruiser Engine Specifications direct from the 1 rated Technical Experts specifically targeting the Do-It-Yourself Boat Owner. We do this while standing proudly behind our values of great service, brands, prices and quality information for our customers.

Our objective is to provide the right products for that meet your specific requirements and budget. Knowledge is power and time is money — a quick chat with one of our Marine Engine expert consultants forges a direct path to find the exact part you need in our complete online catalog listing of Marine Parts.

Outboard motor or inboard stern-drive boats including Volvo Penta out-drives, Alpha One generation 2 and Mercruiser out-drives. New updated Force, Mariner-Mercury and Evinrude/Johnson outboard see our new GLM marine catalog this year including new Yamaha components.

Otago Daily Times Filed Under: ATV Utility Vehicle Hunting Buggy – The rear electric atv motor is visible mounted on the rear axle of the Barefoot Motors electric ATV prototype Electric all-terrain vehicles may not impress the dune-and trail-riding crowd that rides for recreation, but a few small companies expect organic farmers and vineyard growers will pay a premium to gather cattle and spray vines without the carbon footprint of a gas vehicle. While automakers are toiling to produce electric cars that will fit the demands of American drivers, Ashland-based Barefoot Motors is on the verge of turning out heavy-duty electric ATVs that can go 50 miles on a charge costing about 90 cents.

She’d like to haul her spraying equipment without fogging the vines with exhaust fumes, and the electric ATV motors could get free power from the vineyard’s solar panels. It’s even more cost-efficient for farms producing their own power from solar panels or manure digesters, and as gas prices go up. Barefoot is not the first electric ATV coming to market. Bad Boy Buggies in Natchez, Mississippi, has vehicles intended for hunters.

The high price of Barefoot’s model comes from the lithium iron phosphate batteries, the same technology General Motors is putting in the Chevrolet Volt electric car. Some have gone to underground mining operations and electric utilities where the lack of exhaust and short turning radius are a plus.

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Spray fogging oil into the engine. Start the engine and spray fogging oil into all the carburetors. Just spray a little in each carb, and keep sraying in each carb with longer blasts, untill the smoke is rolling. A big blast in each carb should stall the engine for you, or shut it off with the key as soon as you stop the spraying. Remember to turn off the key after you stall it out on fog oil.

Fogging Oil is a wax-base oil that prevents rust from forming on metal parts inside the engine.

Mar 12,  · Flushing a boat motor by running it out of water is a routine maintenance task. Running the engine without a water source for any length of time will cause damage, so you’ll need to attach a hose to the motor’s water : K.

Acid Stratification and Surface Charge Explore simple guidelines to prolong lead acid batteries by proper use. Acid Stratification The electrolyte of a stratified battery concentrates at the bottom, starving the upper half of the cell. Acid stratification occurs if the battery dwells at low charge below 80 percent , never receives a full charge and has shallow discharges. Driving a car for short distances with power-robbing accessories engaged contributes to acid stratification because the alternator cannot always apply a saturated charge.

Large luxury cars are especially prone to acid stratification. This is not a battery defect per se but is application related. Figure 1 illustrates a normal battery in which the acid is equally distributed from top to bottom. The acid is equally distributed from the top to the bottom of the battery, providing good overall performance. Courtesy of Cadex Figure 2 shows a stratified battery in which the acid concentration is light on top and heavy on the bottom. The light acid on top limits plate activation, promotes corrosion and reduces the performance, while the high acid concentration on the bottom makes the battery appear more charged than it is and artificially raises the open circuit voltage.

The unequal charge across the plates reduces CCA cold cranking amps , and starting the engine is sluggish.

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Serious benefits for serious boaters The new V8 and V6 FourStrokes offer everything you need for a boating experience that exceeds expectations: Low cost of operation and ownership. And the kind of quiet confidence that comes when you know everything is working as it should. Premium Power and Torque: Big, bold power in a lightweight package delivers improved maneuverability, great acceleration, and maximum exhilaration.

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Browse three elite series of Evinrude gauges to find your perfect fit. Outboard gauges use advanced technology to provide you accurate, easy to read data.

Phase separation is common in alcohol blend fuels 5. Remove portable fuel tanks from the boat when filling. Getting Underway Check the engine oil level and fill if low. If oil level is full Instrumentation and gauge reading is low, contact your Larson dealer or a qualified mechanic to rectify the problem. Do not restart A full set of instruments, installed on your Larson boat, the engine until correcting the problem. Consult with your Larson dealer if you require additional information.

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Herewith below is a brief overview of the beginnings of the Johnson brand and some helpful information to get those old Johnsons running again! It is unlikely that the Johnson brothers; Lou, Harry, Clarence and their brother-in-law Warren Conover, had any idea of the impact their little outboard would have on the world of boating.

The Johnson brothers were cut from the same cloth as many of the great American engineers of the early part of the 20th century. The manufacturing of their small two cylinder outboard would not look very grand on their resumes when compared to building the first American monoplane, aircraft engines and record setting inboard speedboat engines, yet outboards would be their most lasting achievement.

The small 2hp outboard that went on sale in had its roots in failure. After their aircraft and engine factory was destroyed in a storm, the brothers concentrated their efforts on a small two cylinder air-cooled motor that they adapted to be used as a helper engine on a bicycle.

WIRING DIAGRAMS – 4D-1 Wiring Colors for MerCruiser BIA Color Code Where Used Black All Grounds Brown Reference Electrode-MerCathode.

Help to identify Mercruiser and Alpha 1 or Generation 2 and identify your Mercury and Yamaha lower units. Chrysler – Force outboard components. GLM Marine gears with supporting drawings. Complete provider for stern drive gear-cases. Shipping locations Monrovia CA. Outboard motor or inboard stern-drive boats including Volvo Penta out-drives, Alpha One generation 2 and Mercruiser out-drives.

Special items we stock New and used parts years to Upper-lower gear-cases and gears to go in them. Older type boats with electric stern-drive components years to We have a machine shop for special adapter bushings required for older electric shift Stringers. Listed on eBay Items we have auctioned are as follows: Ball gear complete with o rings, seals, two nuts and the plug. Distributor and ignition points, condenser and ignition coils. Engine rebuilt kit with engine power head gasket and seals.

Carburetor rebuild kit with fuel filter and water pump impellers.

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We work hard to make your job easy Take the hours and confusion out of your boat wiring project. The boat building professionals at EzAcDc offer marine electrical parts that are engineered to “snap together” quickly and correctly – right out of the box. It used to be that One of the more complicated, mysterious, headache inducing, and potentially dangerous do-it-yourself jobs was an electrical wiring project. And, if that wiring just happened to be marine electric, the mysteries, headaches, expenses and risks became even more daunting.

The temperature gauge is matched with a sender unit. Most outboard motors have pre-drilled and pre-threaded holes (bosses) where you can install a temperature sender. The wiring is very simple. It usually is just a single conductor from the engine sender unit to the gauge. The gauge will need other.

Toilets and washroom during opening hours. Water available, toilets during opening hours, hardstanding available, 5 motorhomes only. Drivers must park their vehicles in the parking bays. Normal charges apply between the hours of 9. Water and toilet disposal available. Not suitable for large motorhomes Phone: Must phone to check availability.

Valid for parking between the hours of 6pm and 9am on the day of purchase within the areas designated, maximum permitted stay of 3 consecutive nights. Normal charges and restrictions apply outside these times. Motorhome parking is in a area of the large garden, or hardstanding near the barn.

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The Caroline returned with 18 ling cod and limits of rockfish for 13 anglers while fishing local waters. They have some limited room in the upcoming week. While there were a few kings caught here and there last week, salmon fishing remained somewhat slow according to Todd Fraser from Bayside Marine. One thing always stays the same for fishing in the Monterey Bay and that is, every year is different. Some are slow for certain species while other years are very productive. It is looking to be one of those years for halibut a good one.

the water pump impeller). For proper operation the breaker point contact surfaces should be clean and shining. Make an electri-cal resistance test with your digital multimeter before attempting to clean the contact surfaces. This will Troubleshooting Outboard Motor Magneto Ignitions.

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